Correct installation of the Fendt F28 thermostat

  • Hi, I have to mount the thermostat on my Fendt F28 MWM KDW415Z engine. I
    purchased a new one on ebay which has 3 connections, the entrance, the exit and
    the recirculation. The question is: should recirculation be placed before or
    after the temperature controlled gate? On the thermostat that I purchased I
    can't understand the assembly direction.

    So I asked if the recirculation goes before closing in temperature and
    therefore remains on the engine side by turning the water in the engine until
    the opening temperature is reached, or if after and

    therefore by the radiator side by turning the radiator water up at which
    the engine water does not reach the opening temperature. Thank you

  • Normaly there is an arrow on it wich shows the flowdirection.

    But the cold water gos back to engine if it´s closed. Only a litle part gos throu a litle hole. If it´s open, all water goes to the radiator and the bypass is closed.

    If you are not shure fill boiled water in the holes an look where it came out. After that take Cold water an look again.



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  • Usually the water circulates inside the engine, untill the opening-temperature of the thermostate is reached. If temperature is reached, the thermostate will open, and the hot water flows to the radiator, and cold water from the radiator flows to the engine. Then thermostate will close untill opening temperature is reached again.

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  • I mounted it as seen in the
    photo. In this way I started the engine and noticed that the thermostat
    remained closed until the water reached 80 degrees after about 10 minutes. The
    radiator has remained cold until then, the intake of the thermostat on the engine
    side was hot and the tube was also hot to go below which I believe is a
    recirculation of the water because it returns to the pump inlet. Beyond 80
    degrees, the thermostat outlet on the side of the radiator also became hot and
    the radiator also warmed up from the top. On the thermometer the temperature
    then dropped to around 70 degrees and remained constant for as long as the
    engine was running. I think everything works then, right? The only doubt I have
    is the strange curve that makes the tube go down, a curve that would not be if
    I inverted the thermostat, but in that way I believe that the water of the
    motor until it reaches the temperature could not turn and the pump would push
    inside the engine without there being any outlet until the thermostat opens.
    And the recirculation with the thermostat closed would be on the side of the
    radiator. Who can remove my doubts and reassure me about the correct assembly?
    I also point out that unfortunately there is no arrow on the thermostat
    indicating the mounting direction, but only a printed letter G that if you
    invert the thermostat with respect to how it is mounted in the photo, it would remain

    upside down, while mounted as in the photo it is in the right position for reading.