1963 Fendt Farmer 1Z Zylinderkopf Rauch Hilfe

  • Dear Claus,

    Thank you so much for the prompt reply! :)

    I don't know much about mechanics and I'm a bit concerned that I will find a proper mechanic who I can trust since this tractor is vary vary rare here (probably the only one in the country ). <X

    So the next step for me is to find a professional who worked with an air cooled tractors from 50s or 60s (Mission impossible !!!).

    Meanwhile, I tried to investigate the head gasket part on the German eBay and found just this:


    I am also worried about buying the best part for tractor.

    Can you please advise me about the part and where to order (if just head gasket is the issue of smoke).

    Is it safe to drive a tractor 2 km in a week for, lets say 2-3 months?

    Best regards and thank you so much,

  • Hello Ivan,

    if I where you I would not drive to much, because the hot exhaust might damage the aluminium cylinderhead. Maybe there could be a groove because of the hot exhaust gas.
    Repairing the head gasket of an aircooled motor is very easy. If you remove the coverplate of the valves you will see the screws from the cylinderhead. You need to remove them and then you can remove the complete head also. Before you have to remove the exhaust and the suctionpipe.
    The spareparts from ebay should fit if the year of building is 1963 and the motor is an akd 112. There is not much difference between the gaskets from a sparepart dealer and the spareparts from ebay. The gasket for the cylinderhead is a thin copper ring and the metal is always the same, no matter where you buy the gasket. By the way I know this dealer at ebay. Michaelis Motoren repairs only motors in a very professional way. I have bought the sparparts for my Dieselross also and Elring is a well known gasket manufacturer.

    The right torque for the headscrews is 60 Nm. You only have to beware that you do not tighten the screws in one step. Frist tighten the screws with 15 Nm and then in 15 Nm steps up to the maximum in cross direction. That is all. You can really do it of your own it is really easy you will see. After mounting the head again you need to adjust the space of the rocker lever. The space for the inlet and outlet valve is each 0,2 mm. That is all you need to know.

    Liebe Grüße aus der Oberpfalz



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