Favorit 1 1960 Welche Öl

  • Hi All,

    Brian here, sorry i will write in German but dont expect it that its correct :wacko:.

    Ich bin ein Stoltz besitzer ein 1960 Fendt Favorit 1 seit letze wochend. So moche alle flusigkeint wechseln und habe kein ahnung

    was ich nutzen solte. Ich habe naturalley all forums gesucht aber nie genau ein specific antwort gelesen.

    Noch eine frage. rechts vor die gas peddal ist ein glass scheibe wo mann klaube ich die hydraulik öl kontrollieren? in meine handbuch

    steht wenn die traktor kein hydraulik hat dan ist das lehr? Mach das sin? der traktor hat keine front heber nur die last heber hinten.

    puh i hope you guys understand what i am looking for?

    Thanks and have a good evening.

  • Hello Brian,

    have a look at the data sheet:


    I think a normal mineral oil 15W 40 in quality rank SAE CC or CD or an other 15W 40 with a low additiv content will be a good choice. The data sheet says changing every 100h (comparable 5000 km for a car). This was a normal intervall in former times with the oils of former times.

    If you have got much start-stop or short running periods (cold/warm) for the Motor 100 hours are also today a good intervall. If the motor runs every day 8 hours or more, I think 150 hours would be with an oil from today also possible.

    If the motor is very worn out (10000 operating hours and more) and has got very low oil pressure, SAE 20 W 50 can be the better choice to extend the collaps.

    Never use synthetical oil. This may wash out sealing deposits in the motor and may cause choking of oil supply

    Change at latest every 18 months.

    Best regards

  • Thanks for the help.

    I am going thru the tractor and checking everything. The diesel pump was low. I hope 10w40 is OK? According to the hand book the transmission uses sae 90. Naturally my hand book is 61 years old 😁😁 what would that be today?

  • Hello,

    10W 40 should be ok. But beware. A 10W 40 is an SAE 10 basic oil with additivs to get in case of warming the specifikation of SAE 40. The same for a 15W 40 or a SAE 20W 50, and so on. In case of a chemical breakdown (age, oxidation, worn out motor) of the additivs you have only a SAE 10. If the motor is not very worn out it should work. Check regulary with your fingers and the oil dipstick the greasy of the oil. When it is like diesel or water, change the oil.

    My opinion: For the gear box makes gear box oil SAE 90 in rank GL 4 sense. Do not use GL 5, if it is not required in the hand book because of the synchroniser rings.


    Best Regards