Fendt 305 LS – Bremsventil-Reparatursatz (Revision)

  • Fendt 305 LS - Bremsventil-Überholungssatz.


    Die Bremsen wurden kürzlich ausgetauscht und der Rest wurde überprüft.

    Jetzt höre ich immer noch eine Art Stoß am Bremsventil, wenn ich auf das Bremspedal trete. (siehe Video youtube:

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    Es geht durch diese Leitung zum Bremsventil. (siehe Bild)

    Jetzt gibt es nur noch Revisionssets. Wo kann ich diese kaufen?

    Und hat jemand eine Explosionszeichnung des Bremsventils oder hat es schon mal jemand auseinander genommen?

  • Hallo,

    Entschuldigung, ich bin selbst Niederländer und verwende Google Translate zum Übersetzen, aber leider funktioniert das nicht immer gut.

    Entschuldigung, wenn es falsch rüberkam, das war nicht meine Absicht.

  • Was ich damit meinte: Was ist Ihrer Meinung nach das Problem mit dem Geräusch, das es erzeugt?

    Ich bin selbst technisch versiert und würde es gerne tun.

    Ich weiß einfach nicht, was das Problem ist, das einzige was ich höre (siehe Video) und beim Bremsen springt das Fußpedal zurück.

    Die Bremsen und Bremszylinder wurden komplett erneuert.

  • That's better yeah

    Rerun the story.

    It concerns a hydraulic brake valve (for a hydraulically braked trailer, for example). This has nothing to do with the 4 brakes. But it does come into effect when you brake.

    Now it makes a sound when you step on the brake pedal. (see video)

    This comes from the hydraulic line and then goes to the hydraulic brake valve. And when that happens, I get counter pressure on the pedal and it doesn't brake gradually but in steps.

    To clarify, I took a picture from the parts book

    What has been replaced at the dealer:

    - 2 rear brake cylinders.

    - 4 new rear brake shoes.

    - Hydraulic oil topped up.

    - V belt replaced.

    - Furthermore, some small material such as brake oil, lighting, reflector.

    Hopefully you understand the problem better now.

    I like to hear it!

  • Sure you're having hydraulic brakes on that trailer?

    Mind sending a picture how it is connected?

    Maybe i am able to learn something from you on that topic!

    Until now i only knew about the tractors brake system plus the additional trailer brake valve near the rear axle, but that one works with air.

    A knocking in the hydraulic system could mean there's still air in there.

    Pardon, but i can't hear anything special in that video...

    Hope my writing is somehow understandable

  • I'm sure it's hydraulically braked. I don't have a picture of it right now. but I found a clear picture on the internet how it works.

    Here it is connected to the tractor.

    And this is how it looks in the trailer.

    See bilders.

    this brake valve is also located just in front of the rear axle, but it works on hydraulic oil.

    On the video you hear a tap every time and then again and so on

    With you in Germany you see 90% air brakes. Here in the Netherlands you see this more and more. But first it was easier in the Netherlands to have hydraulic brakes because this could often be mounted quickly and easily on the tractors.

  • Never seen that one.

    Somewhat came to my mind that hydraulic brakes were not streetlegal until recently in germany

    Maybe thats why they're not common.

    Therefore I am not familiar with the details, sorry.

    But still are there probably any other signs of air in your hydraulic system?

    Like bubbles/foam in the tank?

    I'd still go for that, finding it might be a pain though...